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Employment Opportunities

Dr. Kristen Darragh performs a lameness exam

Miller & Associates veterinarians and staff are committed to providing superior care for your horse, which translates to our employees as well. To that end, we value our team members as our most valuable assets and are dedicated to providing them with safe and nurturing work environment.

Current Openings

Associate Veterinarian

Employer: New York Veterinary Associate P.C., d/b/a Miller & Associates

Job Title: Associate Veterinarian (multiple openings)

Job Location: Brewster, New York

Job Type: Full Time

Rate of Pay: $85,051.00 - $90,000.00 per year

Duties: Conduct appointments via mobile ambulatory service whereby horses are seen at their own facilities. Perform examinations on horses per client requests and advise on treatment protocols and procedures. Perform veterinary treatments on horses as a result of said examinations, including joint therapies, dentistry, reproductive services. Perform pre-purchase examinations to assess suitability of horses for clients as requested. Evaluate, treat, and perform diagnostics on sick and injured horses. Prescribe medications for sick or injured horses as needed. Direct referrals to equine hospitals or additional veterinary specialists as needed. Perform field surgery. Counsel clients on sick or injured horses that require euthanasia decisions and perform euthanasians. Operate diagnostic equipment such as digital x-ray, shockwave therapy and ultrasound. Collect blood, bodily fluids, tissues, etc. for laboratory testing. Perform basic laboratory testing at clinic laboratory, including routine bloodwork (CBC, Chemistry, Fibrinogen, Amyloid). Prepare samples for outside laboratory testing. Inoculate horses against various diseases, including rabies, West Nile virus, influenza, and rhinopneumonitis. Maintain continuing education requirements for licensure by attending and participating in various lectures and educational seminars. Perform administrative tasks, including billing for client services, entering medical notes, and following up with clients on cases with technician oversight.

Requirements: Employer will accept a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree and 1 year of experience in the job offered or in a Veterinarian-related occupation.

Position requires experience in the following:

• Obtaining thorough medical histories of equine patients via medical evaluation, international paperwork/passport review (when applicable), detailed medical record review, competitive/performance history review, and discussions with client regarding future goals and expectations;

• Developing equine vaccination strategies for scenarios including health certifications, lifestyle considerations, and show circuit outbreaks;

• Administering medications via various routes, including intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM), subcutaneous (SC or SQ), oral, and intranasal;

• Handling and restraining horses in order to perform lameness exams, including handling, jogging technique, and hard pad assessments; and,

• Evaluating lameness and performing diagnostic nerve blocks in equine patients.

License Requirement: Candidate must be a graduate from an AVMA accredited college or have successfully passed the ECFVG certification program or the PAVE certification program. Must be eligible for state licensure.

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Sports Med Apprenticeship

Miller & Associates, a leading equine veterinary practice, is seeking a dedicated and passionate individual to join our team as a Sport Horse Veterinary Apprentice. This unique opportunity offers an intensive and fast-paced learning experience focused on the care and management of high-level sport horses. You will receive guided mentorship from industry experts, with the unique opportunity to learn directly from a former US Show Jumping Team veterinary practitioner. Our apprenticeship program is designed to nurture your growth as an equine veterinarian. Under direct supervision you will acquire expertise in equine gait evaluation, imaging, orthopedic therapies, podiatry, diagnostics, therapeutics, and client communication. You will also be collaborating with a network of veterinary specialists, including Boarded Surgeons, Boarded Ophthalmologist, and Boarded Internist, as well as gain hands-on experience with advanced imaging techniques such as MRI, CT, and Scintigraphy. All our veterinarians are provided with Chevy Suburban’s outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for on-site diagnosis and treatment.

Job Location: Extensive Travel with home bases in Brewster, New York | Long Island, New York | Wellington, Florida

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with elite show horses

  • Collaborate with a network of veterinary specialists.

  • Participate in extensive travel, including 6 months in Wellington, Florida

  • Practice in a dynamic and supportive environment

  • Gait evaluation, imaging, orthopedic therapies, podiatry, diagnostics, and therapeutics

  • Engage in client communication and support.

  • Develop proficiency in diagnostic procedures and imaging techniques.

  • Collaborate with a network of veterinary specialists.

  • Contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of lameness in sport horses.


  • DVM or VMD degree

  • Preferred: Veterinary Internship experience

    • (Exceptional candidates with extensive equestrian backgrounds will also be considered)

  • International students welcome

    • (AVMA Accredited schools or Successful Completion of ECFVG)


  • Housing benefits provided.

  • Full medical and dental coverage

  • 401K retirement plan

  • Coverage of professional fees and dues

  • Continuing education allowance

  • Paid time off

  • Student loan assistance

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Veterinary Technician


Miller & Associates is seeking motivated, energetic candidates to fill technician roles based out of the New York area with a seasonal presence in Wellington, FL. Veterinary Technicians at Miller & Associates are given a great deal of responsibility and autonomy. Their roles include scheduling and assisting veterinarians, administering medical and physical therapy treatments, performing lab work, and being intimately involved in inventory management. Our technicians are an essential feature in every facet of the practice. They work well independently and together as a group.


These positions require a 6-month commitment in Wellington, Florida for the months of November through April. Summers will be based primarily in the northeast area, with extensive travel to horse shows and out-of-town clients. Workweeks average 50-60+ hours.


Eligible candidates for this role must be experienced excellent horse handlers, and prior equine veterinary technician experience is strongly preferred. Flexibility and willingness to travel are essential qualities in a candidate. Veterinary technician licensure is not required.


  • This is a full-time hourly position that is overtime eligible after 40 hours per week.

  • Compensation is dependent on experience. Entry-level compensation begins at $18 per hour.

  • Housing stipends or company housing options are offered for the required Florida commitment.

  • Employer-sponsored health insurance is provided.

  • Paid time off is provided annually.

  • 401K options are available upon hire.

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