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Miller & Associates

Sports Medicine

Miller & Associates employs today’s most cutting-edge treatments and technologies to provide your equine athlete with industry-leading care. Our Sports Medicine services are available at home and on the road and will keep your athlete in top condition for peak performance.

Dr. Kristen Darragh performs an ultrasound-guided back injection


  • In-depth soundness evaluations

  • Pre-purchase examinations

  • Advanced digital imaging

  • Targeted therapies including orthobiologics and regenerative therapies.

  • Radiographic and ultrasound-guided Injections

A horse's lower limb receiving a Co2 sleeve treatment


  • Co2 Sleeve (Transdermal Carbon Dioxide Treatment)

  • RLT (Regenerative Laser Therapy)

  • Cold Laser Therapy

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • DMS  (Deep Muscle Stimulator)

  • Shockwave