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Dental Care

Dr. Kim MacKinnon examines a horse's mouth during a dental exam

Dental examinations and floating are a critical part of a programmed health plan to keep your horse healthy, and comfortable. We recommend that all of our patients have an annual oral examination, although every 6 months may be recommended in some cases. 

Our veterinarians in all of our locations offer oral examinations, power floating, and minor dental surgeries that can be performed in the field or at our Westchester clinic.

Many dental problems can be avoided with regular maintenance and care. Common dental issues include sharp enamel points forming on cheek teeth, excessively worn teeth, oral infections and broken or missing teeth. These can cause lacerations of the cheeks and tongue, difficulty chewing or sinus infections. Signs of dental problems include dropping feed, difficulty chewing, loss of body condition, being unsettled in the bridle or other performance issues. A foul odor from mouth or nostrils, nasal discharge, and swelling of the face, jaw, or mouth, should always be considered a dental emergency.