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Deworming Protocol for Imported Horses

Deworming Protocol for Imported Horses

Some horses imported from other countries have not been dewormed consistently or occasionally have not been dewormed at all. Therefore, they require special attention.

We recommend isolating the stabling and turnout of such horses until they have been appropriately assessed and dewormed. A fecal egg count (FEC) should be obtained upon their arrival. Appropriate deworming, usually involving a panacur powerpac (double dose fenbendazole for 5 days that targets ascarids as well as encysted small strongyles), can then be performed. However, we want to ensure that the horse have recovered from travel and is acclimating to his or her new environment before performing this deworming, so we often recommend delaying deworming for a couple of weeks after the horse’s arrival.

After this initial deworming we may want to perform an additional FEC to ensure a successful initial deworming before integrating the horse into the normal deworming schedule.