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Case Studies

Case Study: Dental

This horse, prior to arriving in Florida and entering into our care, had a routine dentistry exam performed. The dentist, during this initial exam, noticed a lateral slab fracture off tooth 408 and performed a removal of this fractured tooth. This...

Case Study: The RLT VET™

The RLT VET™ system is the most recent advance in veterinary laser technology. It is used for non-invasive repair of ligament and tendon injuries and the reduction of scar tissue within and around soft tissues. The RLT VET™ system uses a pulsed, hig...

Case Study: Third Eyelid Removal

Andy arrived at our 120 Nichols Rd. clinic in the morning and was placed in our stocks. A catheter was placed in Andy’s left jugular vein and he was maintained on a slow drip of sedation throughout the procedure. Local nerve blocks were performed a...